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Posted on Mon Aug 17th, 2020 @ 3:34am by Lieutenant Akamine Naomi & Lieutenant JG Zack Logan

Mission: Prelude: Joining the Fight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 5th November, 2296 - 1300 Hours

Once the ship was under way, Logan first returned to his office to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, and when that was finished, he left his office and headed to sickbay.

He didn't like going to sickbay, he didn't see the need for it, he was in excellent health and he wasn't injured, by starfleet command has determined that all crewmembers must have a checkup when they first arrive on a ship, and at least a yearly review.

So he got his courage up, and when he arrived, he walked into sickbay, and looked around.

Zack easily found a Japanese woman who was quietly instructing her staff to do tasks. When she noticed Zack, she smoothly walked across the floor, almost as if floating. She gave Zack a small bow to the man in the red uniform. "Hello, sir. How may I help you? Are you here for your medical examination?"

He looked at the attractive woman that approached him and asked if he needed anything. He wasn't sure if he was suppose to bow back. "Hello. I'm LtJg Zack Logan, and I'm here for my initial physical."

"Ah!" Akamine replied, as if it was a mild epiphany. "I am Doctor Akamine Naomi, Chief Medical Officer, at your service. Please, if you would follow me to a biobed, I would be happy to take your physical." She started leading him towards a biobed in the far right corner. "Tell me, Lieutenant Logan, what is your position here on the Trident?" Akamine asked pleasantly and interestedly.

When he drew near to the biobed, Zack hopped on. "I'm the ship's chief of security, doctor."

"Ah, well, then we have to make sure that you are in tip top condition, now, don't we?" she asked with a small giggle. After some hesitation, she added, "I think I recall seeing you around the academy. The universe appears to be a rather small place, does it not?"

Zack stared at her, trying to recall. "You do look familiar, maybe it was the first aid course at the academy?"

"Only if I was teaching it," the Doctor replied bashfully. "It would be somewhat basic for a medical student, though we did have to learn it, as well." She considered thoughtfully, "A course on basic engineering, perhaps?"

"Quite possible, I attended many of those myself. My advisors said that a well rounded education is a good thing." He smiled and looked at her. He started wondering if asking your doctor out for a drink after shift would be proper.

"Well, whatever the case, we are both here now." All the time that they had been talking Akamine was completing her scans of Zack. "Tell me, how did you manage to get a break your humerus? It looks old and well healed but I bet there's a funny story behind it," Akamine told Zack with a polite giggle at her own pun.

"Actually, there's no funny story about it. It happened when my last ship was destroyed." The story of his old ship usually always depresses him. "It's not something I like to talk about."

"Ah," Akamine replied, embarrassed at having brought up a sore subject. "I am very sorry. I did not know that I had treaded upon a sensitive subject. Please excuse my error. I did not intend to make light of something that obviously was so significant to you." She kept her head bowed low, hoping for forgiveness.

"No need to apologize really. It's in the past. Doctors who treated me at the time said I should talk about it, it lift it off my shoulders they said. Easy to say it'll get better....but I guess time can heal old injuries, right?"

"Time..." she started and then stopped, looking for the words. "Time dulls the pain. You can still see the wounds but they never truly go away," she told Zack sadly. "I have often wondered if talking about something truly healed, then why are there scars? Then again, there is an art in Japan, called Kintsugi. It is about embracing the imperfect. Pottery that breaks is repaired with gold to highlight the repair, show its history."

"Excuse me, doctor, but it sounds like you have your own wounds to deal with. You're helping me with mine, I'd like to help you with yours."

"I appreciate the kind offer but there is nothing in my past that you need worry about." She gave Zack a warm smile, but her eyes were distant. After a short time, the distance left her eyes and her smile became more cheerful. "Well, everything on you checks out. You're fit for duty."

He stood up. "Thank you, doctor." Then he made he was towards the doors, then turned. "If I can be of any help....a friendly ear....a kid word, don't hesitate to call me, anytime."

"You are very kind." She gave him another smile and a bow. "It was good to see a former classmate. I am sure that we will see each other more, Lieutenant."

"I hope that we do." Zack responded.


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